Monday, March 9, 2009

Fu@&$% Monday's

I guess I know why I hate Mondays. Not only is it the first day of the work week but its also the day that NO ONE WORKS.
I got up with some optimism this morning. I called the neurologist's office just as I was instructed to do. I was met by a very stern receptionist who even after hearing my whole story regarding "Friday" still had the nerve to tell me "Ma'am I don't know what you want but we cant fit you in". I think at this point if I could have jumped through the phone I would have. I know that she has no idea what kind of impact the recent news of having been diagnosed with a brain tumor but man a little compassion would have been nice. I guess at this point I felt I wasn't getting anywhere with politeness so I did the next thing that came to me.......................I know most of you that know me would think this would be to turn into "super bitch" mode but actually the waterworks started. I could tell at this point it was making even a small dent in the heart of the "Ice receptionist" so I thought I would throw in a few sniffles and sighs. She then says "hold on". She actually went and spoke to the doctor and at least referred me back to my regular doctors office for a referral to Fletcher Allan.
I immediately called my primary MD office and now being almost 5pm have still not received a phone call back. Oh yes I did get a call from a nice nurse who swears she left a note on the providers desk and yes I have even called back once just to make sure that they didn't forget about me. Here I am now...NO REFERRAL, NOT EVEN A FREEGIN CALL BACK.............I am hoping that in my past and I know certainly in my future career in the health field I will remember these past few days. I would never imagine leaving a patient "hanging like this". All people ask for is some acknowledgment that what they feel is important. I will continue my mission tomorrow I guess!!

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