Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well I can honestly say that I can check a few more things off of my list of "health concerns" I have had. Today I woke up with shortness of breath and my stomach was in knots. I have never experienced a true panic attack but I think I was on the verge.

I got to the hospital promptly at 9am and they started another IV to push the contrast into me. The MRI suite I can honestly say was not built for, how shall I put this, people with a little more cushion. I was asked from a very nice nurse if I was OK with small places and then blurted out that I may start freaking out at any moment. Then the very nice nurse gave this very anxious nurse allot of Xanax. So If anything sounds strange in this post I am a bit sedated still.

I was originally told that the MRI would last about 1/2 hour or so but later found out that they ordered more tests and I was actually going to be inside this "coffin tube" for an hour and a half at least. Once again thanks nice nurse for the xanax.

After this I quickly went to my appointment for my audio test. I definitely have right sided hearing loss with neuro defects as seen with most people with this type of brain tumor. He did say that if I don't lost any more hearing this could be easily corrected with a hearing aid in the future.

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  1. K...Question? What if someone with extra cushion could not fit in there? Then what do they do?
    (not really looking for an answer..just putting it out there)