Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Were not in Kansas anymore.....

So my husband and I are looking into hotels by the hospital so he can be close by to me for the first few days. I guess one of the ways you know you were brought up in the "boondocks" is when you go into slight heart failure when you find out that its going to cost around three hundred dollars a night to stay in the city. We just went on vacation and spent alot less than that for our own Condo on a lake in Florida. That place even came with its own alligator.


  1. Silly girl...did you check to see if there is a Marriott near the hospital??

  2. what about a ronald mcdonald house. I will also check with my sister who hadthe luxury of staying with a friend for her cancer eval a few years back maybe she has a good idea. p.s i am pretty good at fundraising if needed!