Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun Filled Day

So I send my daughter to daycare today thinking that I will get my note to go back to work. Well still waiting on the office to call or fax me. I have called 3 times now and even called the NYC office just to make it a race to see who would call me back first. I am betting on NYC !!

Today was full of excitement. I did a phone conference for work (shhh don't tell anyone). Then I got out of bed, ate a muffin with a cup of coffee. I then checked my e-mail, facebook, blog and then made another cup of coffee. (panting now)

Then I did something crazy....I showered. After that I got dressed (cause it would have been funny to do that first) and here I am again on the computer.

After all that exertion I think I need to lay down. I hope tomorrow I can learn to take it easy and not stress out so much!!!!

I have been debating on whether or not to try driving. My vision either has either improved a bit or I am use to it now. I think I would be fine driving around husband doesn't think so!! Why can this guy do it and not me???


  1. Despite the fact that you just admitted what you did do today may have been a little exhausting, I am sure you will continue to seek a note to return to work. I hope the doctors involved show no emotion and deny your request. Not that we wouldn't love to have you share our day as before, but because those who are able to maintain a slight distance from your troubles believe rest, family and taking care of yourself should be a priority.
    That sounded real insightful and knowledgable huh??? The truth is no nurse does what they should do, they do what they think they have to do. And the last thing a nurse will do is take care of themselves. Just one more thought-there were visions of cars pulling off the road because of my singing-imagine what will happen when word gets out that kaleidoscope girl is driving. :)

  2. Just stay at home already . . . I have no sympathy for the sick that want to go back to work when they aren't ready. I saw way too much of that with Steve and I always had to tell him to "suck it up" and just stay at home. You may feel fine but if you overdo it too soon you take the chance of making your condition worse. Silly girl, you are a nurse you should know better. You body is telling you to slow down! Plus I don't need an APB going out for a black Dodge Nitro, I don't feel like getting pulled over for your nonsense . . . :)