Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skinny here I come....

So I was thinking.............They think that the tumor has been around for a while but since I didn't start having hearing problems till I got married I am guessing it starting to grow larger about 5 years ago. So 5 years ago I was a size 10. Some of the side effects of an acoustic neuroma is excessive tiredness. So if you are thinking what I am thinking....................this tumor must weigh about 100lbs in my head. So I am so expecting to be that much lighter after the surgery!!!! You all thought I was going to say that since I was so tired I couldnt exercise....thats the logical response but not the correct one! I am going to ask my specialists next week if I should go out and buy new clothes for my new body!!!! What do you think he will say to me???


  1. I told you already....if you loose 100lbs, I am going in for a full body scan.

  2. i would so be out of a job.....LOL