Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This one deserves its own post

So I got in and spoke very openly with my medical provider today. She stresses that this needs to be taken care of fairly quickly to avoid long term affects . I guess the game plan maybe going to Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. I am now waiting again to see if they accept me and when I will make the trip. I hope I don't have to wait long!!
On another note I would love to hear from everyone who is reading this and hasn't fallen asleep yet!! Please feel free to leave lots of comments as It would be a great way to pass time and I seem to have alot of that now!!


  1. Patty- We are all reading these blogs and thinking about you and feeling so badly that you have to go through this! (We are at leadership Group...) Please know that you are totally in all of our thoughts and prayers! I am so glad you are a nurse and know how to advocate for yourself!
    -Deb Roddy

  2. you go girl, you know me, a stickler for details and glad to see you are as well even when in the face of the uncertain