Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Part I

And yes just as the title says I am sure their will be many parts to today. The First part is when I woke up this morning and called the doctors office again. You know the one that didn't even call me back yesterday. Well the very nice receptionist who remembered me from yesterday could not give me a straight answer if she thought that coming into the office would make a difference or not. I very politely asked her to make me an appointment and she stated she was sending another note back to the provider and was going to ask her whether I needed to be seen. Then stated if I don't hear back by 4pm then I should call again. This is turning out to be Mission Impossible. How many phone calls do you think it will take to get them to refer me to a neuro surgeon??????

I have been ackknowleged!!!!! The office just called back and apologized for blowing me off yesterday and they want to see me at 1:00pm today (thats 4:00 in Doctor hours in case you were wondering). I guess they are researching a place that specializes in this procedure and Burlington is not that. I will update everyone after the appt today.

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