Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well today I felt more short of breath and dizzy so I didn't get a chance to go shop (therapy) the first part of the day. I tried to walk around on uneven surfaces outside to try to get my balance right again. My head seems to be losing weight everyday but maybe just not as fast as I would have wished. Theres always tomorrow!!

Side effects seen so far:

1. SSD (single sided deafness to right side--this will not change)
2. Lost of taste for anything but cold/sour
3. Left thigh still numb--not sure if its from laying for 7+ hours on that side
4. Dizzy, vertigo , head feels like its floating above me
5. Loopiness----prob the percocet though

Facial nerves all seem to be intact we shall see when I will rock the rest of this!!!

1 comment:

  1. From One Nurse to another Nurse....Happy Nurse's Week!!! Percocet may cause dizziness...So maybe that is the cause of some of your dizziness. You have always had a high tolerance to sour things anyways. I find that shopping is the best therapy for everything...LOL...especially when people buy for you. hint hint Ken...Patty deserves something shiny, beautiful and expensive..LOL...Always thinking of you...Tonya Kelley LPN.....with it being Nurse's week have to sign the title too...