Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Day

So we left at 11:30 am for 2 appts in NYC. One was suppose to be at 2pm with Dr. Gutin and the other at 4:00pm with Dr. Selesnick. We barely made it in time for Dr. Gutin (21/2 hours for 1 hour drive). He saw me for 5 minutes and said that he is discharging me and that I should do all of my follow ups with Selesnick now. When I asked how and what they closed my skull with after the surgery he said probably titanium but that Selesnick did that so I should ask him. I also asked what was causing the sunburn type pain to my torso and again he guessed it could be nerve root pain.
After the appt with Dr. Gutin me and my hubby went to get a bite to eat. I checked my messages and there was one from Dr. Selesnicks nurse saying that he could not make appt today but I needed to continue on with audiologist anyway. WHAT??!! They forgot to tell me about 3rd appt for the day. SO we had to sit around till 4:30pm until that one. And guess what......she told me I am deaf in right ear...NO REALLY!!!!

So I guess Dr. Selesnick will call within the next few days. I still do not have return to work date, disability paperwork signed or answers to my questions. SO we drove over 6 hours to say goodbye to neurosurgeon and to have another hearing test that could have been done at home.

At least they have good shopping down here!!!

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  1. Sorry you drove all that way for nothing.
    Good shopping is ALWAYS a plus.