Monday, May 4, 2009

Surgery Day:
Today was a bit numbing to say the least. I had to get up at 3:30am to leave by 4am. Not too much of a feat such I want allowed to shower, wear deodorant or eat.

Once we arrived it went pretty fast. Dr. Selesnick came in and said his hello's. I did not meet the anesthesia doctor like I thought I was suppose to so I wheeled into the OR drug free. Which caused much stress and I was a mess by the time I got to the room. After they got me onto their cot they immediately gave me something and about 2 minutes later put the mask on and that was it. They did not shave my head until I was already out so my husband could not give them tips! (prob a good thing)

7 hours later I guess they were done. I don't remember much. Just waking up with that feeling that you don't have your senses and things are not right. I remember allot of pain and allot of nausea. I also remember allot of throwing up. My husband waited almost 3 hours for me in recovery and they still could not get me settled so they ended up still letting him in.

My husband recalls me trying to rip everything off including the bandage to my head. I remember hearing the nurse and the aid talk about a mean mean patient doing this and in my head felt sorry for him....LMAO!!! I guess I had torn everything off and they were actually going to have to get me a sitter but I ended up settling a bit.

From what my husband recalls: They were able to get it all out. So hopefully no radiation will be needed. I was very swollen for the first few days with my head all disproportionate but that's getting better (well at least back to normal).

I was put on the neuro observation floor. I am not sure if the nurse/patient ratio was 1-100 or if I was just that much of a pain but I did not see the nurse or the patient care techs (nurses aids) very much. The PCT did vitals and the nurses did meds so between them both I saw someone maybe 20 minutes total a day.

Now I didn't really need much---pain and nausea meds, fresh ice and maybe a wash cloth. They work on a call system that when you push the bulb a nurse comes on a speaker and asks you what you need. Then they bring it to you so they don't have to walk down twice. The concept is good if the nurses really got the message or if they had time to bring you what you wanted. I can remember that one night that the smell of my left over dinner tray was making me nauseous so I had my husband go out and look for a cart to stick it on, which he could not find. So I then pushed my bulb and asked them to come get it.......that was at 6pm......I then pushed it again at 7pm and asked them if they forget "NO we will be in when we can'. At 9:30 pm when it was time for my vitals I made them take it with them. IT seems that they all have assignments. The IV team does IV's, the lifting team do lifting, the nurses do meds,and the PCT do the vitals. Well I guess I needed room service for the tray and they were too busy!!!!! Still a bit frustrated!


  1. SO SORRY HONEY!! I personally hate it when you are made to use to intercom. A pet peeve of mine. Having only been on the patient side I do see the point, but I still feel its rude.

  2., you have never woken up nicely!! :o)