Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well today has felt a little better on the melon than the last couple. Still have lost of muscle stretching and dizziness but if the feeling that I had a 100lb ball stuck to the outside of my head would go away I would be happy!!

I have been trying to build up my tolerance to car rides and walking by having my husband take me somewhere every day. Yesterday we went to target for 1/2 hour and today to Michael's. Gotta love it in the city when rehab has to deal solely with shopping (next surgery you have Brigg I am bringing you down!!!)

Oh and did you hear the news of tht lady in Long island that was all prepped for her brain surgery and the surgeons never showed up....I guess all my downsides with my experience I at least had my 2 surgeons show up!!!

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  1. lol...always up to matter what!!!