Monday, May 4, 2009

My most annoying list!!!

Things that annoyed me while being a patient:(my personal accounts)

1. Not seeing a nurse or a Patient care tech for most of the day...a simple "hey" would have done
2. Not being offered a toothbrush, swabbette or even a washcloth for the first 48 hours--enough said!
3.People who come to visit their loved ones and then get a phone call on their instead of staying in their loved ones room they go outside of yours to make long loud phone calls...THANKS!!!(sometimes it wasn't even in English)
4. People who can't pick up the meal trays in a timely fashion...I mean 3 1/2 hours really!!
5. Nurses who tell you..."you know I only have two hands" after putting your call light on and getting ignored for over 1 1/2 hours!!!
6. Bubbly patient care techs that come in and turn the light on and expect a conversation at 1:00am---this one even tried to rearrange my room to her liking until I asked her to leave!!!
7. Having the nurse check my inciscion every day and telling me it looked great and then when I finally asked what it was held together with they thought they should turn on the light??!!!
8. You spend 5 days in bed without eating, in nausea, are vomiting and the thing that makes everyone happy is that you pooed??!!
9. Being told by the MD that you were ready to go at 8:00am but not getting to leave until after 1pm.
10. Knowing that carrying around that "nurse Gene" could make you do circles around these guys but you are too sick to show them!!!!


  1. I wish you could have showed them how its done my friend!!

  2. it's to bad you couldn't have recovered at good old amc surgical floor. I would have been a way better nurse. Did they really tell you they only have two hands? I am glad you are feeling better.

  3. AMC nurse totally rock compared to this...I wish I could have been closer to home!!!

  4. they obviously have no compassion...maybe they just became nurses for the great pay and wonderful working hours...LMAO...Tonya