Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well I am trying to tie up loose ends at work. Tomorrow will be my last day there (not forever but until I have recooperated). Then I will tie up a few loose ends at home until we leave again on Sunday.(OK I want to obsessively clean my house)

I am having a hard time believing that the surgery may even take place this time. I am waiting for a phone call to say that a part of the pre-op did not turn out and that we have to postpone this again.

I will continue to have my blog updated while I am out whether it be by me or a family member so tune in. I have even figured out how to update via my cell phone. My husband will be updating a few people via phone but cant call all of you!!!

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  1. I have been wondering what your prognosis is? Will there be any neurological def. after the surgery either long term/ short term or none expected. I know that you are in good hands.