Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh the fun

So the day started out with us arriving 2 hours early for my appointment (damn the I sat and spoke with Dr. Gutin and his nurse who are both very down to earth people. He made me feel like I had known him for some time. I will have to go back on Monday for another MRI. They want to repeat this now since it has been six weeks since the last one and they want to make sure that everything is still the same. They will also place some markers on my head after the MRI that will help with my brain mapping.
After meeting with Dr. Gutin I was sent for lab work, ekg and a chest xray at a building about 11 blocks away. So we had to jump on a jitney and travel to the other site. Once there a receptionist took some info and then asked if I preferred a semi private room that my insurance would cover or that I could request a private room that would cost "five thirty" extra a night. To which this hick girl replied "five dollars and thirty cents?" and she replied "five hundred and thirty dollars "and then chuckled. (we are not in Kansas anymore!!) So I will be sharing a room !!!
So surgery is still scheduled for April 28th. I will probably need to be at the hospital at 6am. Dr. Gutin said that he will start and that Dr. Selesnick will assist and then finish and close. They expect only one to two days in ICU and a few more on the regular unit. They will let me leave as soon as I can ambulate, eat, pee and of course breath.

It took till almost 6pm for all of the pre-op stuff to be completed and for us to get out of the city due to traffic.

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  1. Your "Other Mom" in Star Lake sends her love and support to you..As do the rest of "The Family".