Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hippoty Hoppity........

Do I dare mention that after tomorrow that I have 2 weeks left until surgery and that we will be going back down this weekend for a pre-op with the new surgeon. It kind of feels like I am having De je vu.

Today I made Easter dinner. I wanted something diffrent so I went onto the food network and found recipes for Red white and bleu potatoes and baby carrots with ginger butter. That along with the double candied ham made quite a feast. And don't forget the white cake with pastel sprinkels. Yummmmmm, Did I mention that I was going on a diet after the surgery!!


  1. k...keep rubbing it in...that's ok. :o)

  2. Holy Martha Stewart!! I cooked dinner that I couldn't eat....that was a fun time....NOT!!!! Sounds YUMMY!