Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Someone send me some luck please!!

Well the very prestigious Dr. Selesnick just called me himself to let me know that the very prestigious Dr. Stieg does not accept my insurance. Since Stieg is the lead on this whole thing that I would have to pay out of pocket for most of this. So I didn't get an actual number but I was guessing that I would have to pay on this for the rest of my life.

So the new plan is : Have to switch the surgery to Sloan Cancer Center (this is not cancer though) so my insurance will cover it. So this means that I cannot have surgery on the 14th and will have to wait to be scheduled for surgery again with another surgeon.

I am actually bummed that I have to wait again. Mentally I have been preparing myself for this for over a month. And I really like Dr. Stieg-----the new surgeons name is Dr. Gutin.


  1. Damn...Patty I am so sorry for the mix up. Damn insurance! That is horrible, but I am sending you all the luck I can. Laura

  2. Patty you might want to look into a mayo clinic. they are the cutting edge on everything. I see three, florida ,az and minisota.Just a suggestion love you and i am sending the mother load of luck

  3. my insurance does not cover out of state

  4. it so sucks that the insurance companies can rule who we want to take care of us. my thoughts continue to be with you. hang in there!