Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WE HAVE LIFT OFF (well almost)

So the insurance piece is now all pre-approved. So you would think that it would be smooth sailing from here...but NO today I woke up with cold/allergy symptoms. I really hope they go away by Monday since that is my pre-op day and If I am sick they may very well postpone again.


  1. Hey Patty, you have a new follower! Your mom just emailed me what was going on. With all that I have been through recently, I officially HATE insurance companies and have lost all respect for the industry. With all the money we pay these people, they should not be able to hold our lives hostage the way they do. Anyway, I'm thankful you can still have the surgery without paying for the rest of your life :). People keep telling me things happen for a reason, so maybe that is the case with the doctor switch. Keep the blogs coming and please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you or your sister need anything, I'm still here at 404 Lake Road, Star Lake! Deb Wohnsiedler (Durham)

  2. Deb what is your email address??