Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day Three

Well, I was actually able to talk with Ken a little bit today. Patty is still in some pain and is very nauseous. I thought that it was the meds that were making her sick but it's not. The area where the tumor was taken out has to do with balance/equilibrium. So she is still sick. Ken was saying that the doctors had hoped she would be further along in recovery but the nausia is making it very difficult. He also told me that the rehabilitation person may push her a bit tomorrow to get her more mobil. Please continue to pray for Patty to heal and not feel nausious and for Ken who sits by her side comforting her as much as he can.

We love you Patty!


  1. It will come in His time. Patty you are a strong person who will come through this just fine. You have an amazing family by your side. Best of luck. Lova ya!

  2. We are thinking about you and have faith that you will get through this Patty. You are a very strong woman. Kelly...can you tell us where she is and a room? Love, Dad, Deb & Boys

  3. Patty stay strong and brave. You are one of the strongest women that I know. Your strength and courage through this whole ordeal so far has been amazing. You are loved by many. You have many people praying for your recovery and we will continue to do such. Ken please stay strong as well. People are praying for you and Taylor also.
    Could I get Patty's address at the hospital please?? We all love you Patty, Ken and Taylor!