Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Praise the Lord!!

Ken just called and said the surgery went very well. They were able to get the whole tumor. He won't be able to see her for another hour or so. He is tired and anxious to see her. Please continue to pray for her and Ken.

I am so happy that you came through this. You are very strong and brave. I know this was not easy for you. I also know that your friends and family helped you in so many ways to get through the last six weeks to this day. With tears in my eyes, please know I wish I could be there with you. I love you very much. Your sister Kelly.


  1. We are all so happy to hear that... now wake up so we know the rest... .LOL

    Love you

  2. Thank the good Lord that she is alright. Thank you as well Kelly for updating us. Love you, Amy

  3. Patty I'm so glad everything went well.
    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  4. Patty I wish you a speedy recovery so you can get home and return to your life...And enjoy your family and friends....Love you..Tonya

  5. a wish and a prayer is on your way from me for a speedy, healthy and uncomplicated recovery, Lord knows you certainly deserve at least this since the road to the surgery was a bumpy one. Luv you!!!!!

  6. Hi Patty, so glad you are doing well. We have been thinking about you and praying. Hope to see you soon

    Your Cousin Julie and family