Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where has my mind gone?

I cannot believe that this surgery is 2 days after tomorrow. I know that I have waited for this for six weeks now but I have really tried to put it in the back of my mind till now when it feels like its being slammed back in my face.

My week was quite busy---On Thursday me and another nurse went to Plattsburgh for work. The trip started good until I left my purse at the doctors office and didn't realize it until it was way after hours and were were miles away. Thank goodness their was one person left in the building. Then on the way home the driver in the car in front of us decided to take out 4 mailboxes and then almost flip. Then he drove away. We pulled over and called the cops and while we were waiting a trooper happened by and pulled over. I, in great detail, explained what we had saw. The trooper kept looking at me and shaking his head. Then he decided to leave and we asked if he needed our information in which he stated "sure" and then looked at me. So I gave him my phone number and date of birth and such. I then very cleverly remembered what next week was going to bring and responded"I know this is going to sound funny but if you are going to call me could you please do it before Tuesday since I am going to NYC for brain surgery". He stared at me for a moment and then He then left .The other nurse and I got back in the car. We were just about to take off when the other nurse looks over at me and starts laughing uncontrollably. It seems that when we left the restaurant and started on our way home I was having issues with my bangs and found a big purple bow clip that belongs to my daughter and stuck it into my hair right on top of my head. I can only imagine what the officer thought of me.
Today I sat out in the sun with my daughter, my friend Brigg and her sons. I should have been cleaning my house but I kept thinking that if something happened to me in the next few days would my daughter remember the clean house or would she remember mommy playing outside with her all day?


  1. ....she might remember Mommy telling her to pelt Briggy with water balloons!
    A story we will tell her together in a few years!

  2. The part about the trooper and the hair clip is hilarious Patty! I had tears running down my cheeks trying to picture it.