Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Day After

Hello all, just a little update. Ken left a message saying that Patty is in some pain and is also nauseated. He didn't say why, but I am going to assume she is taking morphine which makes one very ill but takes the pain away. He also said that this would be the worse day of recovery. Thank you all for your continued prayers. I will continue to update as I get updates.


  1. Thank you for doing this Kelly. Patty, you will continue to be in my heart, thoughts and prayers, as well as your family . I wish you a speedy recovery. All of us in Star Lake send you bunches and bunches of love and support. We love you..Love Tonya

  2. Kelly, thanks for keeping us all informed, it truly shows what a strong and loving person you are and I am sure Patty is very proud of you for being her rock!

  3. Just to add...
    Patty had said that her nausea was to be expected per her pre-surgical consults. The location of the tumor has a great deal to do with her equilibrium.

    She would take the Morphine for the pain of course, but if it was only the pain med causing her she would say, "they have Phenergan for that".

  4. Yes, Brigg you are so right. I just posted a note on that. Thank you.